Facebook Ads Library

Facebook Ads Library

Facebook Ads Library (launched in March 2019) is a publicly accessible tool where you can search for ads running across Meta Products. Along with transparency, it allows digital marketers to view and analyze all active and in-active ads. It also describes information about the ads content, budget spent, demographics of audience and target market of advertiser.

Facebook marketers can optimize their ads by studying best performing ads of competitors. Marketers can also use Ads Library to make sure their ads are following Facebook policies. It also offers multiple filters like country, category, keyword etc. to classify ads you are viewing. After the results, you can further filter out your research with filters like language, advertiser, platform, media type, active status, and impressions. A diagram below summarizes how Facebook Ads Library can help Facebook marketers.



Steps to use Facebook Ads Library: 

Step-by-step procedure to use Facebook Ads Library is written in the diagram below:

ads-library-2nd-blog (1)

How to use Facebook Ads Library as an expert:

Tips to use Facebook Ads Library are as follows:

Swipe File:

Swipe File is the digital folder where you keep your findings about marketing to refer them in future. You can use tools like google drive or some dedicated tool to store your marvelous ideas.

Advertising Trends:

Analyze on going trends like a specific ad style, color scheme and creativity across multiple brands and identify patterns or strategies your competition is using to stay one step forward.

Embeddable Widgets:

You can create widgets to share ad spend in the meantime and it updates automatically.

To create a widget:

  1. Click Create Widget on bottom right of Spending Tracker.
  2. Customize the widget.
  3. Select fixed or dynamic date range.
  4. Choose whether you want static or automatic updates.
  5. Copy the code to embed the customized widget to your site.



Facebook Ads Library is a valuable tool for Facebook marketers that provide insights about target audience and competitors. It keeps you updated on latest trends and helps you create effective ads. You can benchmark creativity and humor to use it in your ad strategies. Facebook Ads Library is free and accessible for all, but how you that tool to shape your strategies will decide how much share of pie you will get from a full pie of profits.